Bright: Never stop chasing for your dreams

Written by Dr. Zandee Briones | Romblon News

While I'm browsing some pictures of the reigning Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, this young gentleman had caught my attention. I wonder who is he. What I know about him is, he is a good friend of one of my favorite Azkal member, Misagh Bahadoran who happened to be my schoolmate and batchmate. Last week, I saw his comment in the facebook post of my favorite beauty queen maker, Jonas Gaffud regarding Romblon Island stating that he is from Romblon.

Hmm, who is this lucky guy who happens to be a good friend of Miss Universe Pia Wurzbach? In my research, I found out that he is an Azkal, the Philippines' football team. Wow!

Patrick Ace Bright, otherwise known as the Azkals Coordinator, for those who are clueless with the state of Philippine football. He coordinates with the players, the coaching staff, the PFF, the media and everyone else in between.

Patrick Ace Bright, a native of Odiongan, Romblon finished his elementary days at Odiongan South Central Elementary School and graduated highschool at Romblon State College now Romblon State University Science and Laboratory High School.

I asked him some questions and here is quick check on his answers.

When was your unforgettable teenage experience happened? It happened during High School Days.

Who is your inspiration in life and what lessons have you've learned from your parents? My Father. Be good to everyone you meet.

Favorite food and place in Romblon? Taghilaw and obcourse my place, Odiongan.

Advice to teens? Never stop chasing for your dreams. My Motto is 'Life is a series of losing and finding one self'.

How is your life as an Azkal member? Very rewarding and fulfilling. I get to know a lot of people and get to visit a lot of countries including my favorite country, Italy.

Thank you for sharing your background Sir Ace. We wish you further success in your future games!