Mayo Uno: A Reminder

Written by Lance Molino

If there are people worthy to be credited for Romblon’s continuing struggle for progress, it should be the working class. Like a marble which keeps a building sturdy and like the sea which emanates life and resources, the Romblomanon working class plays a significant role in our society.

Since time immemorial, our laborers unselfishly endeavored to support not only the betterment of their families but also the province’s welfare in general. Be it professional, skilled or manual labor, the working class has strived to help in establishing an economy that satisfies the needs and wants of the society.

Ironically, despite all the efforts of the working class to provide the needs and services for everyone’s subsistence, the majority of those in the working class are financially deprived which cause them further discrimination.

Perhaps, that sad idea is brought about by the existing economic and political structure in our society. The Philippines, categorically privatized, is dominated by capitalistic entities.

Widely criticized by Marx who thought of it to be a poverty-inflating system , that is what “the richer get richer, the poor get poorer” implies. It is hard to upturn this situation, which is why throughout the years we are settling to this oppressive economic system. Having no means of production, the people are forced to sell their labor at a low-slung price in order to live.

The Romblomanon working class, suffering from the repercussions of capitalism, is further depressed because of the systematic failures around them. Sources of clean or potable water, sewage system, cemented roads, among many others, remain inaccessible to many Romblomanons, especially in remote areas.

Given that poverty is the corollary of class antagonisms, our leaders should make further effort to alleviate the burden of the working class. They must first disregard their personal interests so that their class belongingness will fade away as well. As adherence to their constitutional mandate, they must promote the general welfare of the people with the observance of equity in all aspects.

We are not expecting instant remedies for these problems from our leaders. However, lest we forget, Romblon had been governed by people belonging to very distinct family names for decade’s years yet some of the age-old problems that had existed for decades had not been given concrete solutions in every municipality in the province. If this isn’t acceptable to many, what more is the continuing struggle of Romblon's working class who still feel burdened by work-related concerns?

We know that the working class or the proletariat has struggled for years, day and night, but they experience scarcities that we all know they don’t deserve in return. Our leaders must realize that they must extend greater effort to protect the rights of the workers and to promote their welfare.

Labor Day is the time where workers express grievances to the government’s failure to meet the demands of the proletariat. It is also celebrated to give empathy to our workers who play an instrumental role in our society.

Change could start even in small ways like in a small province. Let Romblon be transformed where the working class can enjoy a rising standard of living and an improved quality of life.

Mabuhay ang mang-gagawang Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang mang-gagawang Romblomanon!