DTI charges 127 service and repair shops for operating without permit

Written by Mary Grace Fontelo

The Department of Trade and Industry’s Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (DTI-FTEB) formally charged 127 service and repair shops in the National Capital Region for operating without the required permit.

The DTI- FTEB reported that for the first quarter of 2017, they monitored 219 service and repair shops in the NCR.

DTI-FTEB Officer-in-Charge Ferdinand L. Manfoste explains, “From the 219 firms that the teams monitored, the DTI-FTEB issued the Notice of Violation (NOV) to 144 firms that were found violating the Presidential Decree (PD) 1572 – Empowering The Secretary Of Trade To Regulate And Control The Operation Of Service And Repair Enterprises For Motor Vehicles, Heavy Equipment And Engines And Engineering Works; Electronics, Electrical, Airconditioning And Refrigeration; Office Equipment; Medical And Dental Equipment; And Other Consumer Mechanical And Industrial Equipment, Appliances Or Devices, Including The Technical Personnel Employed Therein”.

“Out of the 144 firms that were issued the NOVs, 127 were filed with Formal Charges. The DTI-FTEB has decided on 42 Formal Charges and 36 firms have paid their penalties with a total cost of P180,000.00”, OIC Manfoste adds.

According to PD 1572, “all enterprises and technical personnel employed therein engaged in the service and repair of motor vehicles, heavy equipment, engines and engineering works; electronics, electrical, air-conditioning and refrigeration; office equipment; medical and dental equipment; and other consumer industrial electro-mechanical chemical and gaseous equipment, machinery appliances or devices, shall comply with the accreditation requirements”.

Through PD 1572, the government aims to safeguard the interest of the public against unethical, unfair and incompetent practices of service and repair shops. Simultaneously, it aims to protect the reliable and competent service and repair enterprises against malpractices which undermine their good name and established reputation.

DTI-Consumer Protection Group (CPG) Undersecretary Atty. Teodoro C. Pascua emphasizes, “The Department prompts the service and repair shops engaged in service and repair of motor vehicles, engines, engineering equipment, and, air conditioning, to apply for accreditation from the DTI-FTEB and acquire their permit to operate. We urge those that are not accredited by DTI to file their applications immediately to the DTI-FTEB Business Licensing and Accreditation Division (BLAD)”.

“Moreover, the DTI enjoins consumers to transact only with accredited service and repair shops for their safety and protection”, Undersecretary Pascua adds.

For the list of accredited service and repair shops, visit the www.dti.gov.ph. Call DTI Direct 751.3330 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the list of requirements for the accreditation of service and repair shops. Access the list from www.dti.gov.ph/resources/downloadable-form