The pain we experience is just a dust compared to what He endured

Written by Che Y. Formilleza

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

It's been quite while since my last article here in 'Walk of Faith'. I really thought that i've already shared everything about my life and spiritual journey with the Lord on the recent series but there is so much to tell one of this is how blessed I am everyday and how God works in mysterious ways in my life.

This coming August will be my seventh year of being a partial paralytic person while my beloved daughter just turned seven last January. I strongly believed that the triple number seven has a divine significance in the Bible.

I proclaim in the Holy Name of Jesus that something big or maybe a great miracle will happen that will change my life forever. For now, I am so thankful with what God has given me and that He continues to provide with what I need.

My daughter's achievements in school, as a consistent honor student, and the love and care from my family and friends are my best source of my strength and happiness.

In the past month, I have learned to crochet beautiful bracelets and phone casing that gave me an extra income. I feel blessed with my new hobby and it became my stress reliever as well.

Just few weeks ago, members of some church in Odiongan visited me and they saw my crafts. They requested me to create 12 pieces of crochet flower bracelets for some children with disability (deaf, mute) attending their Bible study.

I was so happy and blessed not because of the what I earned from my crafts but because of the spiritual fulfilment I gained. All praises to our Lord Jesus Christ for giving me strength and guidance to do all these things despite my situation.

I know to my self that my healing process is gradual and my health condition is improving. With the continuous prayer from my prayer warriors, I know I can stand and walk again. For now, I will continue walking with faith and not by sight.

I always ignores the negative thoughts that attacking my mind sometimes. The reality of long years of imprisonment in bed is what I always have to overcome and not to surrender. I always bear in mind that there are people suffering more than what I use to.

I always remind my self of what Jesus suffered on the cross; the pain and struggle I experience is just a dust with what He endured.

Anyways, my upper reflexes is going strong and I can do some movements to help my self. I can take a bath on my own sometimes with a little help from my beloved daughter. She assists me by brushing my feet with soap and putting some ointment on my wounds.

Honestly, the struggles I'm fighting about not doing my responsibilities of being a mother for her is more depressing. But I know, why God let this happen because there is a reason for everything. Of all the mistakes I made in the past, my daughter is the only right and perfect of thing ever happened to me.

I love her so much that's whay I promised to myself that I will never give up on the course. I know someday, in God's will and perfect time, I can take care of her and not the vice versa.

Without her, I don't know if I can still continue on this kind of life. I know that She's an Angel sent by God and my supreme crown of happiness.

I always looked up to our Almighty Creator and expressed how grateful I am for giving me a daughter like her, my family and friends who never give up on me. Praise be to God!